Commissioner Resources

Check out these great resources that you can keep in your back pocket for when you are visiting with your Units, hosting a roundtable, or are chatting with someone over a cup of coffee!

Unit Restart Guide – This guide was published by the Susquehanna Council in August 2020 as a mechanism to encourage a safe restart to scouting activities on the Unit level. Please share this guide with all Unit Leaders

Guide to Safe Scouting (GSS) – This guide provides you with the most up-to-date guides from the National Council about what activities are allowed, which ones are not, and other important safety information.

Logging Unit Contacts – Simple and Detailed Assessment information and blank paper forms (for when you don’t have your computer with you during the assessment)

Journey to Excellence (JTE) – Link includes current scorecards, FAQ’s, and more!

Pro-rated Membership Costs (2020-2021) – You may have heard that the membership costs for the BSA have recently changed. Check out this spreadsheet so you can let everyone know the membership costs of scouting are (youth and adult) in any given month.

Recharter Information (2020-2021) – Each year every unit goes through the charter renewal process to renew their unit and individual membership in the BSA. This year the information for units will be distributed at each District’s September Roundtable. Click the link for more specific info on questions you may be asked.

Commissioner Awards and Recognition – We know you do it for the scouts, but there’s always the opportunity to earn some things for your uniform! Check out the different award opportunities you have as a Commissioner (or different awards you can use to say “Thank You” to your favorite commissioner)

Job Descriptions – We are often asked, what does a Unit Commissioner Do? What are the Job Responsibilities of a Committee Chair? These job descriptions should help to clarify the division of responsibilities!

Commissioner’s College – This is a great opportunity for continuing your knowledge and education to best serve your units (or other commissioners!). Whether you are a brand new Commissioner or have been involved for 15 years, you should check this out!

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Monthly Commissioner Meetings – Once a month, Commissioners from across the Susquehanna Council get together to review upcoming and ongoing items that the Commissioner Team is working on. The meetings are typically held in the Lewisburg area, starting at 6:30 PM. For more information on Commissioner meetings, email Council Commissioner, Butch McCusker. Here are the dates for the next upcoming meetings:
-October 5, 2020
-November 2, 2020
-December 7, 2020
-January 4, 2021
-February 1, 2021
-March 1, 2021
-April 5, 2021
-May 3, 2021
-June 7, 2021
-July (No Meeting)
-August 2, 2021
-August 30, 2021