Calendar and Registration

We have Google calendars that you can add to your own phones. You can see the Council calendar, the Bald Eagle District calendar, the Seven Bridges District calendar, the Woapeu Sisilija Lodge calendar, the Training calendar, and the Camp Reservation calendars.

Registration Forms 

Upcoming Events & Activities
Event Flyer/ Sign-up LinkDateType of EventDeadlineHost
Seven Bridges Recognition Dinner Registration12/5/20Activity11/21/20Seven Bridges District 
We Own the Adventure (for Cubs) Registration12/1/20-12/1/21ActivityRollingSusquehanna Council 
Seven Bridges Klondike Derby RegistrationTBDActivityTBDSeven Bridges District 
Bald Eagle Klondike Derby Registration1/30/21Activity1/8/21Bald Eagle District 
Seven Bridges Pinewood Derby3/14/21ActivityTBASeven Bridges District 
Webelos Camporee4/24/21ActivityTBASusquehanna Council Activities 
Cubs & Bugs!5/15/21ActivityTBASusquehanna Council Activities 
New to online registration? This video shows you how to start a registration, and a second video shows you how to complete your registration.

Upcoming Training Courses

Training Registration Flyer/ Sign-up LinkDateDeadlineHost of this Training Course
NYLT National Youth Leadership Training FlyerFeb 28, 3/26-28 & 4/9-11/20212/28/2021Susquehanna & Juniata Valley Councils
BALOO Training for Cubs LeadersMarch 23 & April 9-10TBASusquehanna Council
IOLS Training for Scouts BSA LeadersMarch 23 & April 9-10TBASusquehanna Council
Woodbadge Flyer7/30-8/1 & 8/7-8/2021TBASusquehanna Council

If you would like to schedule an in-person Training Course for your Cub Scout Pack, Scouts BSA Troop, Venturing Crew, or Exploring Post, please contact Council Program Chair Pam Startzel.