Information and Resources for Life to Eagle Advancement

Since 1912, the Eagle Scout rank has represented a milestone of accomplishment – perhaps without equal – that is recognized across the country and even the world.  Those who have earned the Eagle Scout rank count it among their most treasured achievements.  “Eagle Scout” is not just an award; it is a state of being. Those who earned it as youth continue to earn it every day as adults.  That is why an Eagle Scout IS an Eagle Scout – not was.


As Scouting’s highest rank and the culmination of the advancement program, attaining the Eagle rank requires the Scout to plan, prepare, and lead at a higher level than expected for other ranks, thus demonstrating and adding to the knowledge and experience developed in those areas during his/her scouting career.


The following sections provide information and resources to guide and assist the Scout in achieving the Eagle rank.  As a Scout navigates his/her way towards completion of the requirements for the Eagle rank, the Scout will have numerous opportunities to demonstrate the application of Scouting’s motto: Be Prepared.  Scouts, unit leaders, and parents are encouraged to use all of the following resources to help the Scout truly Be Prepared throughout his/her journey to attaining the rank of Eagle.


Information to assist Life Scouts to plan and complete the requirements for EaglePlease read and utilize all the below.

  • Please read the council’s policies and procedures that apply to Advancement to Eagle, Section 4.  {click here}
  • Instructions from the Chair, Council Advancement Committee.  {click here}
  • *Eagle Project and Application Guide*.  A phase-by-phase guide to provide information to assist Scouts and adult leaders in the Susquehanna Council to properly complete an Eagle Scout service project and submit a complete packet for application for the rank of Eagle Scout.   {click here}
  • Letter of information to give to each of your references.  {click here}
  • BSA’s guidance for earning the Eagle Scout rank can be found in the Guide to Advancement – The Eagle Scout Rank

Workbook and Application

  • Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, No 512-927.  Scroll down to find under Rank Advancement.  {click here}
    • The Scout must use the workbook and utilize the most current version of the workbook available at the time he/she begins planning for the project.
    • Before the Scout even begins to develop ideas for his project, he/she must carefully read all of the information in the workbook, carefully pages 2 through 6, Proposal page A, and Fund Raising Application page B, and Navigating the Eagle Scout Project (last two pages of the workbook).
  • Eagle Scout Rank Application, No 512-728.  Scroll down to find under Rank Advancement.  {click here}
    • A complete application includes the submission of a separate self-statement. The desired contents of the self-statement are described in the Note on the second page of the application, below Requirement 6.

Approval of service project


Synopsis:  The development and approval of a proposal for the service project is the first step towards completion of a project.  A proposal for the service project must be approved by a council advancement committee before the Scout can begin any work on the project.  The Scout must complete the first section of the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, Eagle Scout Service Project Proposal, and obtain all signatures from the beneficiary and unit leaders.  Once the proposal is complete, including all signatures, the proposal must be reviewed by the District Advancement Committee with the Eagle Scout candidate.  Arrangements for the review must be made between the Eagle Scout candidate, his/her unit leader, and the District Advancement Committee.  Provided that the project meets all necessary standards, the Eagle Scout candidate may proceed with his/her project once the proposal is approved by the committee’s representative.


For review of a proposal in Bald Eagle District contact:

Chuck Mertes @ 570-971-1312
Email Chuck Mertes

For review of a proposal in Seven Bridges District contact: Steve Guthrie   Email Steve Guthrie
Submission of packet for award of the Eagle rank

Synopsis:  Once a Scout has completed all requirements for the Eagle rank, including completion of the project, the Scout’s unit must submit all required documentation for his/her Eagle packet to the Susquehanna Council Service Center.  The required documentation includes: Eagle Scout Rank Application, Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook (in entirety), a self-statement, and reference letters. The documentation must be submitted all together, all at once.  It will not be accepted at the Service Center in pieces.  Upon receipt by the Council Service Center, the Registrar (Janis Smith) will review it for completeness.  It is the responsibility of the Scout and his/her unit to satisfactorily manage the Scout’s required documentation for his/her Eagle packet.


If the documentation in the packet is complete, the Registrar will give the complete packet to the District Advancement Committee for the scheduling of an Eagle Scout Board of Review.   A member of that committee will contact the Scout to schedule the board of review.  If the packet is not complete, the Registrar will notify the unit of any discrepancies that require correction before the packet will be given to the advancement committee.


If the application is approved by the board, the Eagle Scout Application will be signed by the board and returned to the Registrar.  The registrar will subsequently send the application to the National Service Center for final approval.  Upon approval at the National Service Center, an Eagle Award Presentation Kit, complete with the Eagle Scout Award pin and patch, will arrive for the Eagle Scout at the Council Service Center about two to three weeks later.  The Presentation Kit is made available for free to the Scouts via a generous annual donation.  Upon notification of receipt of the kit at the Council Service Center, the kit may be picked up by a unit leader or a family member from the Service Center at the front desk.  A signature is required from the individual that picks up the kit to acknowledge its receipt.

Eagle Scout Service Project Summary


In order to preserve a record of the Scout’s achievement in striving to attain the rank of Eagle Scout, the Susquehanna Council requests that each Scout provide some basic information on their project.  The Scout should fill out the form before attending their Eagle Board of Review and bring it with them to submit at the board.  A printable version of the form is available at this link.  A fillable version of the form is available at this link.

Extension of time to complete the Eagle Scout rank requirements

If a Scout foresees that due to no fault or choice of his or her own, it will be impossible to complete the Eagle Scout rank requirements before age 18, the Scout may apply to the local council for a limited time extension.  A document is available with information and instructions for Scouts, parents, and/or unit leaders to guide/help them in considering whether or not to submit a request for an extension of time to complete Eagle and the steps to submit such a request within the council.  Scouts, parents, and/or unit leaders are highly encouraged to read that document as the first step in considering whether or not to submit a request for an extension.  The document is available at this link.

Additional Resources

  • Eagle Palm Application. Please read the council’s policies and procedures that apply to Eagle Palms, Section 4.6.  {click for application}  {click for policy and procedure}
  • Request for Extension of Time to Earn Eagle Scout Rank.  Scroll down to find under Rank Advancement.  {click here}
  • Application for Alternative Eagle Scout Rank Merit Badges.  Scroll down to find under Rank Advancement.  {click here}

The Court of Honor for Eagle Scout

  • Ceremony suggestions from the National Eagle Scout Association.  {click here}