Work Projects and Needs

We cannot make camp happen without YOU!

Looking for some way to help next time you are up at camp?  There is always a long list of projects for volunteer opportunities!  Here is a basic list of projects that we are looking for help with. If you are skilled or have expertise in any area we’d love to know that – and if you’re not, we can match you up to help on a project!

  • Litter sweeps around camp
  • Clean gutters
  • Cut brush on the berm of the lake (Northside from the steps around to COPE)
  • Paint picnic benches in campsites (we will supply the paint, brushes, etc.)
  • Paint bulletin boards in campsites (we will supply the paint, brushes, etc.)
  • Clear downed wood off trails, away from buildings and tent platforms
  • Wash inside and outside of windows of all buildings in camp
  • Trim and Clear Trails (Click HERE for specific Trail Projects)
  • Weedwhip/trim grass
  • Clear waterways leading into lake

We will be able to supply the tools and materials needed for most of the above projects.  If you are interested in coming or bringing a group to help with one of these projects, please contact Halia VanKirk.  Thank you!