For Eagle Scout Candidates

Instructions to attain the rank of Eagle

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The Process from Life to Eagle

Synopsis: After completing the Eagle Project Workbook application and attaining all signatures from the beneficiary and at the unit level, the Eagle Project will be reviewed by the District Advancement Committee with the Eagle Scout Candidate. Provided that the project meets all necessary standards, the Eagle Scout Candidate may proceed with their project. Arrangements should be made between the Eagle Scout, his unit leader, and the District Advancement Committee.

For District approval contact: Donald Cohick @ 570-478-2702, Bald Eagle District

or Dennis Slaybaugh @ 570-847-4556, Seven Bridges District

Following the Project’s completion and the achievement of all other Eagle Rank requirements, a Scout must submit all of his paperwork – reference letters, Eagle Scout Application, Project Workbook (in entirety), and letter of personal goals/intent to the Susquehanna Council Service Center for review by Registrar Janis Smith. These should NOT arrive to the Service Center in pieces, but should be submitted together, all at once. It is the responsibility of every Eagle Scout to satisfactorily manage his Eagle Scout Paperwork.

Following the Registrar’s approval, the paperwork will be given to the District Advancement Committee for the scheduling of an Eagle Scout Board of Review. The Eagle Scout Application, signed at this Board of Review, will be returned to the Registrar, and subsequently sent to the National Service Center for final approval. Upon approval at the National Service Center, an Eagle Award Presentation Kit complete with the Eagle Scout Award pins and patch, will arrive for the Eagle Scout at the local Service Center between 2 and 3 weeks later. These kits, made available for free to the Scouts via a generous annual donation, may be picked up by unit leaders or by family members from the Service Center at the front desk, and must be signed for.

The Workbook and the Application

Eagle Scout Application

2017 Eagle Project Workbook

Navigating the Eagle Project Workbook

Letter of information to give to your Eagle references

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Conducting An Eagle Scout Court of Honor

Eagle Ceremony Booklet

Sons of the American Revolution Scholarship Brochure

Additional Resources

Request for Extension of Time to Earn the Eagle Scout Rank

Belated Eagle Scout Rank Application

Application for Alternative Merit Badges for Eagle Scout Rank

Eagle Palm Application

Guide to Advancement