U.S. Flag Etiquette Award – Inspired By Tony DiSalvo

The late Tony DiSalvo believed that everyone should have an understanding of American flag etiquette and respect. He petitioned the National Council to add a Flag Etiquette Merit Badge. To honor his memory and help make his dream a reality, the Susquehanna Council is introducing the U.S. Flag Etiquette Award. Our hope is that this award will help every scout gain a greater appreciation for our nation’s colors!


1. Participate in a flag ceremony showing how to hoist, lower and fold it.
2. Volunteer to lead the Pledge of Allegiance, repeat it from memory and share its meaning in your own
3. Explain how to properly care for and fold the flag.
4. Display the U.S. flag at home, inside or outdoors, for at least one month.
5. Describe the flag of the U.S. and give a short history of it.
6. Explain how to properly display the flag in public including how to hang it horizontally and vertically
on a wall.
7. Explain why you should respect our country’s flag. Tell some of the special days we fly it. Tell
when to salute the flag and show how to do it.
8. Tell how to retire a worn or tattered flag properly
9. Tell how our National Anthem was written

Do the following to earn stars for your patch:

1. In Essay form give an example of any significant location a U.S. Flag has been placed or flown from
past to present day.
2. Participate in a U.S. Flag retirement ceremony (Silver Star Pin)
3. Participate in the Tony DiSalvo Memorial Flag Day March (Silver Star Pin) (Additional Bronze Star
pin for each year participation)

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