Scouting at Home


We have developed some resources to help you stay active and involved in scouting during this time!

Scouting BINGO!

Want to participate in the largest game of BINGO in Central PA?  It’s easy to play!  Check HERE for more!

Cub Scout 30 Day Challenges

We have a number of 30 day challenges available for our Cub Scout youth to participate in!  Keep your Scout Skills sharp without having to leave home!  Click HERE for more details!

Scouts BSA 30 Day Challenges

30 day challenges are available for our Scouts BSA youth too!  From Scout Rank to First-Class, use these daily checklists as a roadmap to rank advancement.  Click HERE for more details!

Cyber Chip

With the increased use of computers and technology, now is a great time for your scouts to earn or renew their Cyber Chip!  Click HERE to access information about the Cyber Chip Program and how you can complete this training.


Have questions about Scouting at Home?  Send us an email at